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Baltimore Design Lab (BDL), formerly known as Design for Breakfast, is run by members of OPI. Baltimore Design Lab prioritizes programming for Baltimore employees and peer city employees around three core tiers: Human Centered Design, Data Science, and Program Management.



Our Past Sessions


People facilitating a meeting around a whiteboard

Facilitation Fundamentals
Learn the art and science of planning and facilitating an effective remote or in-person meeting with a variety of stakeholders.
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Person working on Data VisualizationIntro to the Data Viz Style Guide
In this mini session, our recent OPI Data Fellows walk through the recently launched Baltimore City Data Visualization Style Guide and answer questions about how to apply it.
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" " How to Design Great City Services
This immersive will teach the tools of the trade for designing good services, including how to create personas, a user journey map, and a holistic service blueprint (aka a comprehensive process map).
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[ ]Modern Project Management
In this mini-session, learn best practices for a clearly defined scope of work, timeline, ways of working with multiple stakeholders, and more.
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[ ]The Ethics of Data and AI
In this mini-session, our Chief Data Officer will discuss the ethical considerations of data and AI use by the City. Learn the terminology and take questions from the session to begin thinking about your agency's policies around Data and AI.
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[ ] Usability Testing for Better Tools
In this mini-session, our Lead UX Designer for the Digital Services Team, Nasrin Jahan, walks through a case study and deep dives into best practices for Usability Testing. If you're looking to implement new digital tools, this session is a must-see.
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