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Using data to support city government agencies to deliver services efficiently and equitably. 


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Trash being picked up in Baltimore City


Creating a cleaner city

Making Baltimore cleaner and more beautiful is critical for helping Baltimore’s neighborhoods become more prosperous and for improving public safety. CleanStat aims to create timely and effective service delivery related to trash, littering, and other illegal dumping issues.

To do this, CitiStat brings together agencies, including the Department of Public Works, the Department of Transportation, Department of Parks and Recreation, Department of General Services, and the Department of Housing and Community Development to review key performance measures and track progress toward cleanliness goals.


Police car flashing siren


Creating a safer Baltimore

The Baltimore City Police Department (BPD) plays an essential role in improving public safety which remains a top priority for Mayor Scott and city residents. PoliceStat convenes every other week to review the BPD’s efforts to reduce violent crime and to use the department’s resources more efficiently.