Innovation Team (i-team)

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Creating meaningful change in Baltimore with bold thinking, deep research, and people-centered problem-solving.


The Baltimore i-team uses data and human-centered design to develop solutions to Baltimore's biggest challenges.

Our team members have diverse professional backgrounds with subject matter expertise in fields including city planning, design, data science, engineering, public health, and public policy. One thing we have in common is our commitment to making the Baltimore City government work efficiently, effectively, and equitably for residents.


Our Methods

Data Science

Smart use of data has revolutionized many industries and government agencies. Our team uses data science to extract as much insight as possible from data, and builds data tools that can inform and improve government services.

Change Management

Change management tools and approaches enable individuals and organizations to successfully go through change. We use change management to ensure the effective and sustainable implementation of new initiatives.

Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design centers end users and stakeholders in the research and design of anything people use. We use this approach to ensure that the things we make in the government are effective, efficient, and user friendly.

Behavioral Science

Behavioral science expertise informs our data-driven strategies by providing behavioral insights that can become design "nudges" that encourage people to modify their behavior in positive ways.